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Q&A with The National Consortium CEO, Carmine Laguzio

Interviewed by Pete Ghaster, internal staff writer for The National Consortium, March 1, 2021

Q: When did you join The National Consortium, sir?

A: I was hired in early 2002, stepping in for the previous CEO who had recently departed for another career opportunity abroad.

Q: Did you bring previous experience in the Excellence Recognition field?

A: I worked in Financial Services for the majority of my career, often brokering deals between developing nations and US banks.  I wouldn't say I brought explicit excellence recognition experience to the company, but much of my work helped a great many people, and I learned many lessons in that sector, often progressing the policies of men and women who were just tremendous.

Q: What are the greatest impacts you've personally had on the company since joining?

A: You know, The National Consortium really isn't about the individual.  It's about a group of well deserving folks getting recognized for hard work, both small and large, both public and personal.  It's about that neighbor who volunteers all his free time to a cause no one knows about.  It's about the family who spends 100+ hours getting holiday lights strung up in order for the entire town to enjoy it, taking on all the headache of expense and effort.  It's about these people feeling good about what they've done.  I really think my own impacts are simply furthering this company's mission statement and optimizing it wherever possible.  It's a simple thing.

Q: What was the first award handed out under your guidance?

A: We came to learn in early 2002 that a group of high schoolers out in Baton Rouge had been dedicating their time to elderly residents in a nearby nursing home. If that's not worthy of excellence recognition, I don't know what is.

Q: What advice do you have for anyone out there looking to "be excellent?"

A: When you have the desire to give, give hard.  Give all you can.  Because desire and ability rarely align in this life.  When they do,  you need to seize that.  And when you have the inkling of an idea about how to transform your life, or your lawn for that matter, don't compromise.  See it through.  The only satisfaction possible on God's green earth is in following your passions to their maximal end, and knowing that what you produced, be it a unique flower garden or a corporate welfare initiative at your company, is truly worthwhile simply because you devoted yourself and your energy to it.

Q: Lastly, sir, what plans does the company have for 2022?

A: We want to take this thing to the moon, Mars and beyond.  I can't fully commit to that in 2022, Pete, but suffice it to say, we plan to continue our expansion outward so that every human being has the potential to receive the proper recognition for any and all excellence.

Q: Thanks for taking the time out of your schedule, Mr. Laguzio.

A: Thanks Pete, happy holidays!

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